Space Lords (Andromeda)

Space Lords Andromeda II (28.5 KiB, 1. December 2011)

Die RGCD-Compo ist beendet und unser Space Lords hat es immerhin auf den 4. Platz geschafft. Alle teilgenommenen Games kann man von der herunterladen und sich angucken bzw. spielen. Die Juroren waren so freundlich, zu jedem Titel ein paar Bemerkungen zu schreiben – die zu unserem Spiel möchte ich hier zitieren:

“Warlords was fun on the 2600 – and it’s more fun here, as it’s prettier by far. Initially unimpressive as it’s just a reworking of such an old concept – but paddle support, 4-players and good AI and mulitiplayer and multiball shenanigans make this a really fun diversion.” (Andy Jenkinson)

“C64 port of a classic. Cute graphics, nice gameplay. Could use >16KB maybe but its quite enjoyable. Could be faster maybe, would make a perfect party-game then. Very detailed considering its simple idea and 16KB limit.” (Enthusi)

“A Warlords clone/conversion for the C64 has been well overdue, and Space Lords was a huge surprise when released. It is brilliant, with many features from the original and some good AI built in too. Actually, some credit is well due for the AI that has been included, as it means that many can play the game compared to the original Warlords if you don’t have any friends. Presentation is simple, but does the job – with name entry for each player. Graphically functional, the game features some cartoony creatures to defend. Sound wise, it is a little bit quiet – with no music, and minor effects in the game. Overall a welcome surprise at the end of the competition, which means yet another Atari classic has made the transition :)” (Frank Gasking)

“Submitted just minutes before the deadline, Space Lords is a great conversion of Atari’s Warlords that (like the original coin-op) supports up to four players. Graphically it’s gorgeous and as a party game it totally rocks, but sadly the compo version lacks music. A great effort and debut game release nonetheless!” (Heavy Stylus)

“Another fun game here! A simple idea – defend the walls of your googly alien’s base in a corner of a screen using a breakout bat – and try to deflect the ball/comets into the walls of your enemy. Nice graphics, functional sfx, great playablility, smooth movement (and it gets nice and hectic once more balls come into play). Like this!” (Kenz)

“The C64 hasn’t had many Warlords style games, so I was pleased to see one here. Bonus points for supporting the four player adapter. However not being able to catch the fireballs is a major flaw, along with the wide-reaching arc of the bats themselves, making it hard to attack other players.” (Mayhem)

“Excellent puzzle game where the player is tasked to defend their little monster by moving the paddle across the defensive wall deflecting oncoming balls. With several balls flying around, things can get pretty hectic and soon requires super fast reflexes. Some great visuals and multiplayer option round things off nicely.” (Nreive)

“Space Lords is a surprisingly tricky bat and ball/base defence game with colourful alien antagonists reminiscent of the metropolitan clientele of the Amiga’s Shufflepuck Café. Multiball bonuses toughen the game up, and it’s quite easy to knacker your own base if you aren’t too careful.” (Ruari O’Toole)

“Visually beefed up Warlords on the C64 and it even manages a good single player game.” (T.M.R)

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